Robby (E Series)

Avishkaar Box Robby E Series box
Age Group:

5 to 10 years

It is a child's first programming robot.

  • ₹ 5000/-

Robby E-Series is an entry level learning kit based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts of learning. This is also called Child’s first robot and is a perfect blend of fun and education. It has in built bluetooth connectivity for connecting Mobile Apps. Concepts of Shapes, Movement and Programming are learned with an interactive Mobile App. Programming interface is also available on Windows and Mac and Software can be downloaded from To enhance the fun part, the Robby comes with a play arena that can be used to improve problem solving capabilities of the child.

Skills Learnt

  • Critical Thinking
  • Logic Building
  • Sequencing
  • Programming
  • Problem Solving
  • Imagination

What's inside the box?

Learning Resources


Avishkaar Box - ROBO G 2.2
Robo G 2.2 is a cross platform GUI programming software to program CP Full 2.1 and Robby.

Phone Application

avishkaar Box phone app Robo B
Robo B a child's first robot, from your phone by establishing a Bluetooth connection with the robot


Avishkaar Box - How to program Robby using Robo G
This manual is used to teach the basic usage of Robo G software.
How to program Robby using Robo B
This manual is used to teach the basic usage of Robo B software.