Robotronics INTRO (E Series)

Intro Box 1
Age Group:

8 years & above

Do-It-Yourself Robotics kit for beginners

  • ₹ 4500/-

E-Series INTRO Kit is an introductory DIY kit based on STEM concepts of learning for young children. The INTRO kit at its core has the INTRO Brain unit that can control three DC geared motors. It also includes the Avishkaar Design system has components in Assembly, Movement and Tools categories for building a multitude of robotic mechanisms. An ergonomically designed remote has been included to help children control their robot efficiently. The whole design system is built to enable innovators of tomorrow.

This kit can be enhanced with additional movement and assembly kits that are available separately. Also, this kit can be upgraded to LITE & FULL kit with our Upgrade bundle.

Skills Learnt

  • Science Application

Learning Resources